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Before filing a Bankruptcy petition (and included in the fee), each one of my clients will explore all possible alternatives prior to filing in my office.  My office works with on of the nations premier federally approved credit counseling agencies. A reputable credit counseling agency such as Greenpath Debt Solutions helps a debtor explore the possibility of repaying debts outside of bankruptcy and educates the debtor about credit, budgeting, and financial management. If you feel that your debts are simply unmanageable given your present income, feel free to call my office  Attorney Walter Metzen at 313-962-4656 or 888-4Walter.

Credit Counseling and debt consolidation services in Michigan


GreenPath Debt Solutions

With consumer debt at an all-time high, many organizations are marketing solutions such as credit counseling and debt negotiation programs as alternatives to Bankruptcy. The challenge for the consumer is to determine which of these organizations are reputable and can deliver the benefits they promise. The amount of debt you have may be manageable with some guidance from a professional such as a credit counselor. A reputable credit counseling agency wants to help you take charge of your debts just as a reputable bankruptcy lawyer does. If the credit counselor feels that your debt load is unmanageable for you and cannot formulate a successful debt management plan (DMP), they will refer you to a reputable bankruptcy law firm and a visa versa. If you feel that your debts are simply unmanageable given your present income, feel free to call my office  Attorney Walter Metzen at 313-962-4656 or 888-4Walter. If you feel you can afford to pay your creditors in full and just need a payment plan you can afford and wish to avoid bankruptcy, give credit counseling a try.

A reputable credit counseling agency can advise you on managing credit and help you develop a budget and plan to solve your money problems. Choosing a Credit Counselor in Michigan These agencies typically provide free information and educational materials. Under a DMP you deposit money with the agency every month to pay your bills. You will pay a fee for this service, but the agency may be able to negotiate lower interest rates and fees with your creditors. If you use a DMP, the words “managed by a credit counseling company” will appear on your credit report, and may be viewed negatively by creditors. If you want to learn more about these services, I recommend that you contact Greenpath Debt Solutions. Greenpath has helped thousands of people manage their debt and avoid bankruptcy. I frequently advise potential clients who come into my office for a consultation to give Greenpath a try because they really don't have enough debt to file a bankruptcy
. GreenPath is also known as Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Michigan.  Click the image below for a link to their website.

GreenPath Debt Solutions

There are 2 basic types of bankruptcy cases for consumers that are provided for under the Bankruptcy Code, my office handles Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Consumer Bankruptcy cases in Michigan. The cases are traditionally given the names of the chapters that describe them.  If you would like a free Michigan Bankruptcy Case Evaluation. Contact my office for a Fresh Start with Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Basics - For Cases Filed on or after October 17, 2005 (pdf)
Bankruptcy Basics - For Cases Filed before October 17, 2005 (pdf)


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For over 15 years, I have been helping Michigan residents through the bankruptcy process. My practice is focused on handling only consumer bankruptcy matters, and only in Michigan. My office has handled over 10,000 bankruptcy cases in Michigan and will apply this experience to your case as well. My office prides itself on fast, detailed, personal service. There are many different aspects to a bankruptcy case. Some of the different aspects are listed on the links below for you to explore. If you have any questions while exploring this site or would like a free Michigan Personal Bankruptcy consultation, contact my office at (313) 962-4656 or toll free 888-777-FILE.

I am thoroughly committed to protecting my clients’ rights and providing them with a shield to stop creditor abuse. Many families and individuals have entrusted their personal bankruptcy cases to me, allowing me to help them address and dismiss the stress that financial problems may cause. As a Board Certified Specialist in consumer bankruptcy from the American Board of Certification, I pride myself on the high level of expertise I possess. This expertise always results in savings that vastly outweigh the amount of money spent on legal fees and in a bankruptcy case.

Contact me, Detroit bankruptcy lawyer Walter Metzen today to schedule your free initial consultation. Declaring Bankruptcy in Michigan can be a difficult process and you need the help of a Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney Board Certified. I also offer clients flexible appointment times and same day appointments if necessary. Get in touch with me today to learn how filing bankruptcy may be beneficial for you and your family. Why should you hire a Board Certified Bankruptcy Specialist? Click Here




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